Kids & Youth

Kids & Youth

Hey there parental units:

Remember that pc3 wants to partner with you as you challenge your children to discover real life in Christ.

Even though our kids & youth areas are closed- there is no better time for you to be the most influential person of your child’s spiritual growth.

Stay tuned for what we have in store for June as we partner with you. we know quite a few of you have kids moving up – going to prek, to kindergarten, to middle school or to high school. our usual move up can’t happen in our Sunday programs, but we’re working on something special for you. see you online and finally on June 7 at pc3.

Check out this family summer bingo game: 


pc3 youth (6th -12th)

We encourage families with teenagers to watch our pc3 messages together. Mike and our programming team teach in a way that includes teen audiences as well as adults. This gives your family a chance to worship and grow through a shared experience.

If you would like your middle/highschooler (or if you are a middle/highschooler) to connect with other teens, follow us on Facebook or Instagram @mypc3) and type in the word CONNECT.

Resources specific for our families with children:

Parent Cue App

Right Now Media

You Version Bible App

Great places to check reviews on games, videos and movies: 

Youth in Crisis Resources

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a toll-free hotline and online chat

Crisis Text

(a person in crisis can text this number and someone will text with them so they can get help)

Text HOME to 741741

The Crisis Text is free, 24/7 support for those in crisis. 

Shoshanah Mercado, Ed. S. 

School Psychologist, Buddy Taylor Middle School

386-446-6700 xt. 4603

Erin Hancock M.Ed., Ed.S. 

School Psychologist

Flagler County Schools

Flagler Palm Coast High School

386-437-7540 xt 3133