Mike Adler

Mike Adler

Born: Yes… 3/10/1977 in Kalamazoo, MI

Schooling: B.S. in Behavioral Science from Grand Valley State University, Masters of Ministry from Bethel University (Mishawaka, IN) .

Family: Wife Nikki Adler

What I enjoy most outside of work: Michigan Wolverines football, reading, board games

Hidden talents: I can whistle and hum at the same time.

Your most unusual job:

I worked with teenage boys who were violent and had various mental health disorders in a locked residential facility.

A personal goal: I’d like to travel to New Zealand and Australia.

Favorite quotes:

  • Faith makes invisible things visible, absent things present, and things that are very far off to be very near to the soul. – Thomas Brooks
  • Be careful to be gentle, lest in removing the rust, you break the whole instrument. – Benedict of Norcia
  • “The Christian faith is one that kicks at the darkness until it bleeds daylight.” – Unknown
Worship Ministry Leader
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