Art Araya

Art Araya

Born: 1964 in Copiapo, Chile.

Schooling: Bachelor of Arts in Music, minor in Mathematics – Western Connecticut State University, 1991.

Family: Wife Darcy (married in 1993), son Josh (1983), daughter Heather (1986), son-in-law Steven, daughter-in-law Bryanna and grandson’s Zachary, Mason & Noah.

What I enjoy most outside of work: Reading, listening to and playing music, visiting new places with my wife.

Hidden talents: I was once a rated member of the United States Chess Federation. I also bake an irresistable loaf of bread.

Your most unusual job: Tax Auditor for the Internal Revenue Service.

A personal goal: To hear “Well done, good and faithful servant” when I stand before Him.

Favorite quote: Play skillfully for the Lord (Psalm 33:3).

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