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Game of Thrones: Who Rules Your Screens? – 6/9/19 – Palm Coast Community Church

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Who rules your screens? Or are your screens ruling you? Smart phones, TV, computers, video game devices, tablets, smart watches and other electronic devices easily turn us into captives of technology. When we allow our screens to control us, to distract us from the truly important moments and relationships, and to steal more time from our lives than we like to admit, then we need to spend just 40 more minutes in front of a screen watching today’s message for the solution to this problem.

What Was HE Thinking? The Amazing Race! The Great Commission – 9/2/18 -Palm Coast Community Church

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What Was HE Thinking? The Amazing Race! The Great Commission
(Jesus) “Here is what I was thinking: More than anything else in the universe, I love you and I love ALL people! So, stay focused on what life is really about: Loving ME, loving people, and living it out! You now individually and collectively have the presence and power of the Holy Spirit inside of you. Operate out of the fullness of my power and get involved in MY AMAZING RACE! Continue to be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Palm Coast, throughout Florida, in the United States, and to the ends of the earth! Live your life challenging people to discover REAL life in Me! I promise you will be eternally glad you did.”