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Super Bowl Sunday: Football Sunday – 2/3/19 – Palm Coast Community Church

Super Bowl Sunday-Football Sunday 2019
Watch some of the NFL’s football players trusting God’s plan when things seem impossible or uncertain. Hear stories from Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, Denver Broncos quarterback Case Keenum, and New Orleans Saints linebacker Demario Davis. It’s all hosted by New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson, on location in New Orleans.

I Want to Believe, But… Goosebump God – 1/20/19 – Palm Coast Community Church

I Want to Believe, But… Goosebump God
How do you believe in a God you can’t see, you don’t hear him speak audibly, and you don’t feel? He wants to be the greatest object of your desire. He wants you to pursue him. Feelings are not faith. Just because God feels silent does not mean that he’s absent. Jeremiah 20:9: “If you seek me,” God says, “You will find me”.