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Running to Win: Losing is Often Winning – 4/1/18 – Palm Coast Community Church


Running to Win: Losing is Often Winning – 4/1/18
God created us to be in the human race running to win together, not as competitors but as teammates. But we are all born with a brokenness that tends to self-centeredness and selfishness. In that, we abandon the team and instead run to win all kinds of self-driven races that aren’t helpful or healthy. Into this steps Jesus, whose willing loss of life as a sacrifice for our brokenness turned into a win for us in the triumph of His resurrection. Are you running the wrong race? Watch this message and find out how your loss may actually be your win.

Ed’s Story – Consider the Birds – 4-7-13


To View Ed’s Story part 2: Consider the Birds, please visit here: You can either watch it for $1.00, or purchase a copy for $1.99. Today we worshiped through music with the following songs: Here I Am to Worship – Michael W. Smith How Great is Our God – Chris Tomlin 10,000 Reasons (Bless […]