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Future Family: All The Fixin’s – 9/30/18 – Palm Coast Community Church


Future Family: All The Fixins
This message is especially for Christ-followers who are estranged from moms, dads, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, etc. that are still living. It’s about why we must begin, or continue, the process of reconciliation. You can’t force reconciliation to happen, but it is a sometimes losing battle that is worth fighting. This is about doing what God did for us. Even when we hadn’t asked for it, didn’t deserve it, couldn’t earn it, God set the table and sent us all an invitation for reconciliation with Him. He expects us to do the same.

How to Change Your Mind: Choose Your Attitude 1 – 11/5/17 – Palm Coast Community Church


How to Change Your Mind: Choose Your Attitude 1
Paul tells us “be joyful always”. Seems easy on the surface, but “always” can be tough.
Step 1-Unite in joy when it’s easy to be joyful.
Step 2-Bless others and give to others.
Step 3-Shine for Jesus in times of darkness and hardship.
Tough stuff happens but without the darkness, there is no light needed! Remember, you are the light of the world!