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Game of Thrones: Who Rules Your Screens? – 6/9/19 – Palm Coast Community Church

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Who rules your screens? Or are your screens ruling you? Smart phones, TV, computers, video game devices, tablets, smart watches and other electronic devices easily turn us into captives of technology. When we allow our screens to control us, to distract us from the truly important moments and relationships, and to steal more time from our lives than we like to admit, then we need to spend just 40 more minutes in front of a screen watching today’s message for the solution to this problem.

Game of Thrones: Who Rules Your Life? – 6/2/19 – Palm Coast Community Church

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A central question throughout the 8 seasons of Game of Thrones is “Who is the right person to end up on the throne?” Our lives are like the theme of Game of Thrones. There is a brokenness in the soul of everyone, because we are all convinced we know better about how to run our lives than our Creator does. We directly and indirectly say “Well, I know who is best on the throne of MY life. ME!” We want to live on our own terms, even when it comes to following Jesus.