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Future Family: All The Fixin’s – 9/30/18 – Palm Coast Community Church


Future Family: All The Fixins
This message is especially for Christ-followers who are estranged from moms, dads, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters, etc. that are still living. It’s about why we must begin, or continue, the process of reconciliation. You can’t force reconciliation to happen, but it is a sometimes losing battle that is worth fighting. This is about doing what God did for us. Even when we hadn’t asked for it, didn’t deserve it, couldn’t earn it, God set the table and sent us all an invitation for reconciliation with Him. He expects us to do the same.

Future Family: Ideally Speaking – 9/9/18 – Palm Coast Community Church


Future Family
When the ideal is hard to attain, it’s tempting to just lower the bar and redefine the ideal. This can be especially true when it comes to Jesus’ teachings about family, which many of us have already fallen short of. In this message, Andy Stanley explains why aiming for God’s ideal is still worth it, even when our reality makes reaching it impossible.

What Was HE Thinking? The Amazing Race! The Great Commission – 9/2/18 -Palm Coast Community Church

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What Was HE Thinking? The Amazing Race! The Great Commission
(Jesus) “Here is what I was thinking: More than anything else in the universe, I love you and I love ALL people! So, stay focused on what life is really about: Loving ME, loving people, and living it out! You now individually and collectively have the presence and power of the Holy Spirit inside of you. Operate out of the fullness of my power and get involved in MY AMAZING RACE! Continue to be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere—in Palm Coast, throughout Florida, in the United States, and to the ends of the earth! Live your life challenging people to discover REAL life in Me! I promise you will be eternally glad you did.”