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Follow – Unfollow – 4/27/14 – Palm Coast Community Church

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Follow-Unfollow by Andy Stanley of NorthPoint Community Church.
This is the last video in this amazing series. You can view all the videos at
Simon Peter answered Him, “Lord, to WHOM shall we go? You have the words of ETERNAL LIFE?” John 6:69

Who are you following? If it is not Jesus, it is someone or something.
Salvation is free, it costs you nothing.
Following Christ will cost you something.
Refusing to follow Christ could cost you everything.

Follow: What I Want to Want – 4/6/14 – Palm Coast Community Church

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Follow-What I Want To Want (Andy Stanley) at Palm Coast Community Church
Most of us don’t become Christians with the intent of following Jesus. We become Christians because we are told obedience pays and disobedience doesn’t.We become Christians hoping God will fix us. Eventually, our agendas clash with Jesus’ agenda, and we have to decide whether we’ll abandon him or follow.