Easter: Come and See – 4/12/20 – Palm Coast Community Church


For this season of “shelter in place” join us every Sunday morning at 10am at https://www.facebook.com/mypc3/ for a Live Watch Party of the ┬ámessage and enjoy connecting with others and worshiping with us online. Click on the Live Watch Party post to participate! Hope to see you there! Today’s message began with the following video: […]

Freedom: From Fear – 3/15/20 – Palm Coast Community Church

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In a few short weeks our lives have changed. Sports and entertainment events have been suspended, schools shut down, and many things we take for granted aren’t as accessible because of the Corona Virus. But more than this there is a sense of fear, of anxiety, blanketing our nation and the world. If we aren’t careful, it will blanket us as the Church too. It will blind us to the truth and bind us to a lie if we let it. Watch today’s message to discover why and how we can live and act in complete freedom and peace regardless of our circumstance.