The Disconnect: Digital You – 7/5/20 – Palm Coast Community Church


We’re now back in the building for church on Sunday mornings starting at 10:00 am! For info on how we’re handling gathering during the continuing health and safety awareness you check out the PC3 update here: If you’re continuing to “shelter in place” during this season, you can still join us every Sunday morning […]

Storytime: Rich Man and Lazarus – 6/7/20 – Palm Coast Community Church

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This year the world experienced a wake up call in Covid-19, opening our eyes to how fragile our lives are and how limited we really are in our efforts to control them ourselves. Watch today’s message where Pastor Mike shares another equally shocking wake up call that Jesus revealed in the story He told of the rich man and Lazarus, a story that can ignite another wake up call for churchgoers today.